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Why to choose Madrid and You for a Private tour in Madrid?

Many of our clients ask us why they should choose Madrid and You for their Private tours in Madrid. This post have been made with the aim of preparing your cultural, gastronomic or historic tour in Madrid. We have listed everything that must be taken into account to make the guided tour a success. You will find  the recommendations to choose a good private  tour in Madrid which will make you know it in depth.

  • It is essential to know the target audience of the visit. It is not the same to teach Madrid to a group of locals, to Spaniards who do not reside in Madrid. Or to foreign visitors. Both the message and the way of treating the client and finding out their preferences differs by taking into account : cultural background, provenance, age or preferences when it comes to getting to know the city.
  • If you need to surprise us, we can look for an original guided tour that has nothing to do with traditional guided tours. For example, many customers ask us to know how we live the gastronomy in Madrid. This certainly forces us to show them the traditional markets of the city. Or secret sites to buy very specific things. And of course explain them the best time and places to go for tapas or enjoy a romantic dinner.
  • We adapt the message dynamically to try to keep your attention and your desire to learn more about our city and our habits.
  • Many times we are asked to how to live Madrid like a local, which obligue us to avoid from tourist places in the center and leads us to teach them other more remote neighborhoods where they  can really live as “Madrileños” .

To choose the best professional private tour in Madrid is essential to ensure the success of the guided tour. It is not only a question of the languages spoken, which logically has to be the same as the client’s and with perfect diction, but also the quality of the guide in relation to the customer’s demand. It is not the same to make a guided tour for a company, than to do it for a family with children. The message must always be adapted to the target audience. Furthermore, our guides adapt the dress to the type of visit.

We have to prepare the itinerary well. Time control requires knowing the city very well in order to avoid delays. Visitors usually have other plans closed before or after the visit. Therefore, Extreme punctuality is fundamental.

For groups of more than 7 people, we always recommend the use of individual audio systems . For a perfect listening to the guide ,we have discreet devices to make a private tour in Madrid . Therefore we will not disturb the rest of visitors, and ensure a perfect listening of the message. It is always good to ask the client for their likes about the visit in advance. And of course always ask them for a review after the private tour. It helps us improve and try to make Madrid and You offer the best guided tours company in Madrid.
If you want to take a guided tour with us, or want to ask for a quote. You simply have to locate us . By phone or by mail , we will be happy to give you an irresistible proposal. We want to show you Madrid like no one has ever done before!

Just write us and we will offer you the best private tour in Madrid you can ever have.

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Fundador y emprendedor ilusionado en Madrid and You. Instagram @oidoenlacena

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