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Where to have a drink in Madrid

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You have just finished a dinner with friends and you don’t know where to go have a drink in Madrid. We are going to make it easy for you. If you are not looking for a place with cheap alcohol to drink until you fell unconscious, but for the bars where the beautiful people of Madrid go to have a cocktail, we can suggest you some:

Válgame Dios -Augusto Figueroa, 43- (Chueca) The place to be, where more famous faces per squared metre you can find, a place to see and to be seen with an impressive gin list for the most demanding clients. Good service, special for regular clients. The walls are decorated with portraits of the people that have already enjoyed its cocktails. They have also a brief menu, not very elaborated, in case you are still hungry.

Bar de Diego -Calle de la Reina, 12- (Chueca) An ex barman of Chicote created this “Cocktail-Bar” back in 1992 and he has obtained success after success since then. It is one of the current king’s favourite bars, together with its neighbour Cock. They know how to serve a cocktail as nobody does, so, if you are willing to taste one of its new creations in an almost-New-York atmosphere, don’t miss it.

Cock -Calle de la Reina, 16- (Chueca) A neighbour of Bar de Diego. If you get to cross its wooden door and to pass through the attentive glance of the doorman, you’ll be inside a Londoner pub in the middle of Madrid, which opened its doors back in 1929. The Spanish barmen, same as ever, have impeccable manners and are used to take care of the most sophisticated people. And who is going tonight? Well, we don’t know, but in the Cock used to almost live Francis Bacon, who went out almost for dying in Madrid. And some other clients have been David Beckham, Pedro Almodóvar, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. The measured music is the same as ever. Whenever we have to “take for walk” powerful international demanding clients, we book a table at Cock because it is always a safe bet.

Chicote -Gran Vía, 12- (Gran Vía/Cibeles) Sofia Loren was there and she tried to get a bottle that had the shape of her face. Perico Chicote didn’t let her and, thus, he became the first man to say “No” to Loren. But she was not the only celebrity to enter Chicote, because it was visited too by Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner, Gary Cooper, Yul Brynner, Gregory Peck , Rita Hayworth, Gina Lollobrigida or Bette Davis. Of course, you won’t find any of them anymore if you go these days, but we can assure you that in Chicote drinks are still combined as in nowhere else. But don’t expect to see any museum but for the one in the name; the museum of more than 18.000 liquor bottles that belonged to Chicote is not there anymore.

Maculato Club -Argensola, 14- (Justicia/Génova) This is another bar that has been full of people since it was inaugurated. It has a gay-friendly atmosphere and you’ll find the most trendy people in it: designers, Spanish actors and actresses, hipsters. Don’t miss its astonishing decoration, its good music and its inimitable atmosphere. A really enjoyable bar with longlasting cocktails.

Kioto Bar -Barceló, 5- (Fuencarral) A mythical bar too that still resists the passage of time with the most funny people of Madrid. It’s been recently refurbished, so you will have the opportunity of having a drink while enjoying its curious decoration. It’s the place where everything can happen, so be prepared for the best. Good cocktails and Gin Tonics with everlasting music.

Gabana -Velázquez, 6- (Salamanca) Dozens of famous faces have posed in front of the photocall of this bar and during its golden years everybody wanted to book a VIP table in it. Nowadays its dance floor is still full of young -and not so young- neighbours of Salamanca neighbourhood, that dance with their best fineries the rhythms of the 90’s or attend to concerts by Juan Peña or Siempre Así from time to time. It’s essential to wear appropriate clothes in order to pass unnoticed.

Fortuny -Fortuny, 34- (Castellana/Chamberí). It is famous for joining in it the most impressive women of Madrid. It has a spectacular garden full of beautiful people in summer. Good commercial music on its dancing floor and hooking up are assured. Lately, it is a bit out of fashion, but you can yet find upscale clients from the neighbourhood ready to have the night of their lives.

And where can you go to dance after the first drinks? We suggest you some dancing floors that most surely won’t disappoint you. But don’t appear before 2 am in those discos or you’ll be absolutely alone…

T-Club -Baceló, 11- (Fuencarral) The space formerly taken up by the mythical Pacha still has the best PRs of the city, that assure that the club will be full every night. The music is mainly electronic and it offers a spectacular sound-and-light display. Its three floors offer the opportunity to be missed while tasting one of its cocktails.

Kapital -C/ Atocha, 125- (Atocha) It used to be the biggest disco in Spain (it may still be) and it is recently being the source of much talk because it has re-emerged from its ashes in order to be again at the podium of the best Madrilenian discos, where it should have always been. The sounds and special effects displayed are simply spectacular, mixed with the best electronic music, some famous faces and thousands of metres distributed in seven floors where you will have the opportunity of satisfying every wish and enjoy the Madrilenian night this early in the morning.

Joy Eslava -Arenal, 11- (Centro/Sol) The mythical disco in Madrid, same as ever, that has reached to survive the passage of time with quite success. The public is mainly touristic, people looking for a big music theatre with surprises on stage every night and a unique atmosphere. An essential visit in order to discover the complete Madrid night life!

And for you, which one is the best place to have a drink? Let us just know!

Comparte tu ilusión por Madrid

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