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Madrid private tours

IMG_9580 copia - copia Our Madrid private tours will help you to now the stories and key moments that have made this important city what it is today. The team of professionals and tourist guides in Madrid (all of them with History, Art and Tourism degrees) that make up our workforce have a vast experience. As Mark Twain used to say, travelling is the best way to “kill” all the prejudices, bigotry and narrow-mindedness we, as citizens of this big Planet Earth, may have. More than ten million tourist visit Madrid every year, attracted by its museums, beautiful streets and sights, monuments, nightlife and cuisine.

We know that each visitor has different needs and tastes; that’s the reason why we can offer Madrid private tours, specifically tailored to their specific needs (culture, nightlife, gastronomy…). Madrid, one of the largest capital cities in Europe, has gone through multiple “incarnations” and stages, from the Muslim presence and the days of the Empire to the dark years of the Spanish Civil War and the rebirth of La Movida, one of Spain´s most important cultural movements in the last 50 years. Our tour guides in Madrid can bring you a brand new and fresh perspective of the city. It doesn´t matter if you´ve been to Madrid before; with Madrid and You you´ll feel like it is the first time.

Our Madrid private tours are tailored and customized to your needs and tastes. We´ll do our best to bring you the best service. You can contact us on 0034 600 99 65 05 .