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Why to choose Madrid and You for a Private tour in Madrid?

Madrid and You, Private tours in Madrid
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Many of our clients ask us why they should choose Madrid and You for their Private tours in Madrid. This post have been made with the aim of preparing your cultural, gastronomic or historic tour in Madrid. We have listed everything that must be taken into account to make the guided tour a success. You will find  the recommendations to choose a good private  tour in Madrid which will make you know it in Read More

Ten places in Madrid to declare your love

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Nowadays that romanticism is not at its best moment and almost nobody proposes in the proper way, we would like to suggest you 10 irresistible places where you will obtain absolute success in asking for eternal love and will create the most romantic and unforgettable moment. Marriages have decreased a 27% during the last 10 years in Spain, so yours has to be original from the first moment. Here we Read More

Madrid altitude above the sea level

madrid altitude above sea level
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Madrid Altitude is about 650 meters. When going for a walk around Madrid city-centre you may find nameplates with information on an event, a well-known person or a building related to the place where they are. This plaques pass usually unnoticed, but the city is full of them and they are of very different types. In Plaza de la Villa, next to the fence that gives access to the House Read More

The Retiro Park in Madrid

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The Retiro Park is Madrilenian city dwellers favorite green area, the place where we feel in pure nature without moving away from our habitat, the asphalt. The Retiro is a park full of history. It was created between 1630 and 1640 as a part of the Buen Retiro Palace, promoted by the Count-Duke of Olivares -Philip IV’s favourite- for the relaxation and amusement of the king. Along the gardens of Read More

The origins of Madrid and the Almudena Virgin

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Madrid was not a town until the 9th century, when Muslim emir Mohammed I ordered to build a fortress on the area now occupied by the Royal Palace and the Manzanares River. Previously to the erection of the germ of Madrid, there were already Roman and Visigothic settlements spread along both sides of the river, but with very different names (Mantua, Miacum, Ursaria). The few inhabitants of this region before Read More